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    Paying by PayPal Friends and Family
    on: 10 November, 2021, 01:03:19 pm
    10 November, 2021, 01:03:19 pm
    We've noticed that some sellers request payment for goods via PayPal's "Friends and Family" functionality. Understandably this is mainly because the transaction is then free to the seller with no transaction fees.

    However, as a buyer you should be aware that this offers you zero protection should things go wrong. While PayPal does normally protect against “Goods and Services” scams, Paypal does not reimburse “payments sent using PayPal’s friends and family functionality.”

    "Friends and Family" should only be used when the person is literally just that, a friend or a family member.

    We do not restrict sellers if they choose to offer this as any transaction in the Marketplace is between the seller/buyer. However as most people on a forum are online acquaintances, we suggest that buyers think carefully when purchasing using this method but ultimately it's up to you.

    Take care   :038: