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Thanks, I'll check through that lot. Didn't check the plugs no so that is a shout. Will have a shifty round for any air leaks etc. when I'm back tomorrow

No fault light so I'm guessing everything is connected but no guarantee I suppose
Good progress! Engine swaps are not easy. Oil pressure is nice, you don't get far without that...

This might sound daft but is it definitely firing on all three? To make sure, check (carefully) if the exhaust headers are equally hot while running. If not most likely is simply a bad connection to a coil or injector. Did you check the spark plugs were OK?

If they are all firing, then perhaps there is a fault code or two stored that will guide you. Certainly it is worth double checking the connections to other sensors like lamda, coolant temp and throttle position.

There could be an air leak - make sure there is a really good seal between the throttle bodies and the engine, and no loose or missing vacuum pipes or caps.

I think tuneECU can reset the idle control system, but you might need to get some sort of stable idle first. Same for balancing the throttle bodies - it sounds to me like something more significant needs sorting first.
New user here, I've been reading through threads to educate myself before buying my first full sized cat, and just finished skim-reading this one - did you ever resolve your hard cranking issue?

I'm relatively new (mechanically speaking) to the two-wheel world, but I've stripped down my fair share of bad car engines and consistently high cranking torque with no compression is often bad main bearings - it can also explain increased scoring on one cylinder (the one closest to the bad bearing) but can't explain the valve issues.

I believe Tiger 1050s also have counter-balance shafts, and a munched up bearing there would also explain the hard cranking. It looked like you ruled out starter and top-end issues, and I'm sure you tried at least once in neutral to rule out a dragging clutch, and there aren't that many other things it could have been and it'd be a shame to get it all back together to just have to strip it all down again.
Have swapped the switch, it runs like sh#t and won't idle but appears to have oil pressure
They don't have a MAF sensor.

Freddy, they do have a Limp mode.
"In most cases, when a fault is detected, the engine management system will revert to a 'limp-home' mode. In this mode, the engine will still function though the
 performance and fuel economy may be marginally affected. In some cases, the rider may not notice any appreciable difference from normal operation"
(not-Sport WM)

The ECU does have expectations, if sensors show x and fueling is y then o2 sensor should be z.  If not ECU will adjust fuelling short term and if it keeps happening it will make them a long term.  This is what adaptions is all about.  Is this classed as thinking? that's a deep thought question :)
Update, so the new engine is in.

It does run with throttle, then idles (needs adaptive tuning resetting I'd guess). The oil light does not go out though.

Is there a method to test the switch? I've verified the oil pump drive is all engaged etc. as I had the covers off to free a cable I trapped between the engine and frame.

The switch was full of water so I sprayed some contact cleaner into it before connecting.
These bikes don't have a limp home mode.
Hi Javaman, you are obviously a deep thinker but perhaps you are giving the ECU too much credit for being the same!

MAF = mass airflow sensor. This is mounted in the airbox and estimates the airflow into the engine by measuring the resistance of small heated thermistor that is hanging out in the airflow and cooled by it. There's only one.

MAP = manifold absolute pressure. On these bikes, the MAP is measured separately for each throttle body via those vacuum tubes, which is why you can use TuneECU to balance them up.

The ECU won't be 'expecting' any particular values, it will just measure the actual values that the sensors provide and squirt in fuel accordingly. The RPM, coolant temp sensor, lambda sensor, barometric pressure, intake air temperature and throttle position all input into the calculation too. It sounds complicated but really it is just a look-up table with a bunch of correction factors - there is no actual 'thinking' going on!

If - as in your case - there is a fault on one throttle body causing loss of vacuum, I would expect the ECU to continue to adjust the fuelling accordingly until some limit was reached, when it would revert to "limp home mode" and throw a MIL (engine fault light). And quite possibly refuse to restart.

In your case, did the engine fault light come on and have you checked for fault codes?
Tiger's Den - General Discussion / Re: I hate my exhaust....and other things
« Last post by RI1050 on Yesterday at 03:39:22 am »
Yeah it is. Love the single swing arm and the 1050 graphics. Really wish we had the TS here.

So I have installed a stock 18t drive sprocket and a new DID chain. I decided to keep the 46t rear as I think I will like the gearing this way per the calculator. 

Did an oil change and filter (first since I bought it). Oil looked great.

With some help from YellowDog, I was able to get TuneECU working and found the bike already has 20545 tune on it. I will be downloading Dave's V2 on there.

Next purchase is the NOCO Lithium NLP14 battery and the 18" Delkevic exhaust.  Been very happy with the NOCO products so far so I'll try the battery. I know Antigravity is the best. The one in my Husqvarna is awesome. But they are too dang expensive.

Beyond that, I'll be throwing the Puig screen in the laser to cut some areas out for testing. I'll be honest though, it's fugly and I'll likely get a Givi from Twisted Throttle. They are local. 

I have some time still before it warms up so I'm in no rush. I still have to register this thing. I did take the Husky out today for a rip in the woods. Riding in the snow is stupid LOL    :125:
Tiger's Den - General Discussion / Re: I hate my exhaust....and other things
« Last post by dave_a on Yesterday at 02:24:49 am »
Good lookin' bike right there!
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