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My 2012se has the same 2 button clock .
Notice any difference between new an old unit's tongue waggle etc?

This is mine. It looks very similar to your SE so these can't be just SE clocks.
My 2011 SE (USA) has slightly different button graphics from your 2-button pic.  Mine looks like this. 

I'm just trying to work out when the change over was and whether there's any other differences in the bikes. My 2012 1050 has the newer two button style but I've seen 1050's of the same year with the older style with the three rubber buttons at the bottom of the clocks. Mines not the SE either.

Also, do the newer style clocks suffer with the same button failures due to water ingress?


Hi folks,
I got the tensioner fitted, using a block of wood to hold the blade and a buddy watching it while i replaced the tensioner.
One thing to watch for is the new tensioner from Triumph comes with the end-cap screwed on partially. You must screw it a turn INWARDS in order to engage the copper sleeve and release the spring. So what i think they intend is that you fit the tensioner with the gasket and 2 bolts, snug those up and then turn the cap clockwise, this allows the spring to release and the tensioner pops out. Then just tighten the cap the rest of the way.
I started it and it sounds fine so far but the proof is really in taking it for a run and getting it good and hot which i will do on saturday.
Thanks again for all the help folks :031:

Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Re: My Tiger refresh
« Last post by Nate_Espy on Today at 05:05:30 AM »
*Originally Posted by JohnnyWheels [+]
Very nicely done! Those mirrors are unique - what are they?

Those mirrors came from Touratech-

So far I really like them, we’ll see how they hold up, they weren’t cheap and claim to be very durable but they are mostly plastic and pretty lightweight at that. Only time will tell!
New Members / Re: New 07 Tiger Owner
« Last post by DeepBarney on Yesterday at 09:29:01 PM »
Since the shorai are on backorder I went ahead and got the ytz14s. Hopefully this sorts it out and doesn't sh#t the bed in a few short months.
Tiger's Den - General Discussion / Re: Mystery item .
« Last post by Hamilton on Yesterday at 09:05:49 PM »
Thanks for the replies , looked under the seat can't see anything obvious .
Tiger Tails - The Ride Reports / Re: Winter ride
« Last post by Hamilton on Yesterday at 09:02:32 PM »
*Originally Posted by tiggersteve [+]
bin longer than I can remember since I rode up Cheddar Gorge,
nice and dry but chilly I suspect, really can't cope with the cold these days

Roads were still a bit wet and slippery , but i try to get out on each bike once a fortnite , unless its raining or snowing .
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