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Special Discount on EBC Brake Products for Site Members


Tiger1050.com has secured a special deal for site members on all EBC brake products  :152:

Members can now receive a 15% discount on ANY EBC brake product.

For example the current price of two sets of front brake pads for the Tiger 1050 is ?42.55. With site discount this will cost ?36.17 (a saving of ?5.55) + P&P.

You are not restricted to buying parts for your Tiger 1050, in fact you can order any brake pads or pad discs from EBC to obtain the discount.

To get the discount you MUST:

1. Use the link in this post or the ad in the right hand column.
2. Enter the following promotional code at checkout: MC368998

15% will then be deducted from the total in your shopping cart   :046:

Enjoy  :031:


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