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    Re: LED Globe Conversion
    Reply #10 on: 06 February, 2024, 11:36:25 pm
    06 February, 2024, 11:36:25 pm
    I already have a 2016 Tiger Sport 1050, but I was not happy with the light output.
    So I installed ledbulbs.
    Disclaimer : Changing halogen bulbs to led is still not legal in Belgium and a lot of other countries  , although change is coming since Osram has a set of street legal led replacement bulbs ( only in Germany and Austria and only on specific cars)

    There has been a lot of trash in all different ledbulbs on the ( Chinese ) market , but amongst all products, there are really professional and good products too. I is just a matter of doing some webresearch and not going for the cheapest product. Although it is not needed to buy the really expensive ones from Philips or Osram. ( There are better, brighter, cheaper ones out there).

    The problem with the cheap ones is the type of leds they use and the bad placement of more mediocre leds, instead of 2 superbright,efficient ones. It causes scattering of the light by the reflector housing, creating a lot of scattered light, that is blinding.

    After some research, I went for Bevinsee. The latest 2022 model is the A01 type. I ordered a set of A01-H7 for the low beam and a set A01-H11 for the high beam and completed with some small white ledbulbs for the position lights.
    There is some fiddling involved with the installation, since these lights have a little box with electronics that has to find a place, but it can be done.
    After installation I adjusted, the beam in a proper way to make sure to have the beams of both reflectors far enough, without blinding upcoming traffic.

    They actually make a huge difference. Not comparable to halogen OEM
    High beams are really good, even on pitch dark roads. I adjusted low beams on the safe side, to not blind any upcoming traffic, but they actually put out a lot of light .

    You can see the leds installed in there.

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    Re: LED Globe Conversion
    Reply #11 on: 08 February, 2024, 01:49:30 am
    08 February, 2024, 01:49:30 am
    Markey, my Previous Owner had put LEDs in my bike. They threw out no light despite looking bright. I actually could get some projection forward by moving the LEDs backward. But at that point they were all but falling out of the holder. Never so scared on a motorcycle when following a buddy on an interstate highway at night. So I pulled the bogus LEDs out and put the best available halogens in. Better, but still F'n dangerous. As the other guys have said, the reflectors are junk. Made in India, they must not ride at night there. Don't waste your money on bulbs or LED's.
    I've found there are 3 viable alternatives: 1. LED driving light pods 2. Retrofitlabs makes replacement HID reflectors. Split the headlight shell and put them in. 3. Tigersport light assembly. Each subsequent option costs about double of the former.
    My Rigid spots are so bright, some cop will ticket me. But I can see god Damit !

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    Re: LED Globe Conversion
    Reply #12 on: 10 February, 2024, 12:53:02 am
    10 February, 2024, 12:53:02 am
    Thanks for all suggestions. Forums are fantastic to share information. Marky