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    Re: Hello from North Wales (UK)
    Reply #10 on: 27 November, 2023, 04:36:26 pm
    27 November, 2023, 04:36:26 pm
    *Originally Posted by will14 [+]
    Nice bike Dusty and in the best colours! I think I recognise your name from the owners ORG? mine is the same as on here

    I would be interested how you think the Tiger compares to the 14, different bikes I know but be good to get an idea. My Tiger is being delivered end of this week but doubt I will get much time for a ride this side of Xmas ☹️

    Yep, that's me on the ORG  :031:
    The GSX is a completely different ride to the Tiger, the thing I always notice is the lower weight distribution. The Tiger always seems taller and top heavy, after riding the GSX.
    The other differences are more obvious, the power is more instant, from lower revs, and smoother, which I think has more to do with aero dynamics that one less cylinder.
    Also, the Suzuki gets a lot more attention - nobody's shouted 'nice bike' while I'm sat at a junction on the Tiger  :027:
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