Author Advice for new owner on accessories for 2018 1050 Sport  (Read 331 times)

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    Advice for new owner on accessories for 2018 1050 Sport
    on: 25 May, 2023, 01:46:28 pm
    25 May, 2023, 01:46:28 pm
    Hi All

    Shortly joining the family when I get my 2018 Tiger 1050 Sport (black/neon version) in a couple of weeks time :046: I am of course looking at various bits and pieces in anticipation and would appreciate any advice/recommendations etc please. The first couple of things (off the growing list!) I'm thinking about needing below, but if you think there are any other priorities then please let me know.

    Note I'm in the UK so obviously UK based suppliers/availability preferred.

    Crash bars - any recommendations on the best ones for this model? Were there Triumph ones done as an option when it was produced (so maybe ebay 2nd hand) or only aftermarket? I've seen conflicting reports on this!

    Centre stand - any recommendations on best ones for this model?

    Mobile phone holder to use for SatNav. I've seen the Quadlock which looks very good, but is very expensive (cú150 with the charging/vibration dampener). Also seen the 'Q-Mount' which looks good and a lot more reasonable - does anyone use one of these? Or any other good recommendations? Was also thinking of GPS holder bar to add as well to keep it out the way of the handlebars - again any other recommendations?

    Finally luggage. I prefer the style and look of soft luggage over hard boxes and like the look of the Givi soft bag (GRT723) and then longer term add the panniers (GRT720). Does anyone have these and can share pics, advise on pros/cons they've found etc please?

    Thanks a lot for any advice and help :)


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    Re: Advice for new owner on accessories for 2018 1050 Sport
    Reply #1 on: 26 May, 2023, 05:16:46 pm
    26 May, 2023, 05:16:46 pm
    For me the only must have is the Palmer shifter
    I use a RAM mount for GPS - there are several threads on here, its an easy and cheap mod. I also have a quadlock to keep the phone accessible.
    Crashbars I got Triumph ones. Part number (but not product) changed from the previous model and every so often there was a clearance on World of Triumph at 50% off. Got it a while ago so not sure if they still have any of the old P/Ns to clear. You should get a front fender extender, many of us used the C/F one from Bluebird Engineering. Rad cover recommended and also something to keep the back end clean. I use a modified Skidmarx hugger (,40073.msg441648.html#msg441648) but its not everyone's cup of tea.

    I use a Givi Trekker topbox for when I need it to be lockable and it usually stays on the bike for winter.

    and together with an SW Motech city tank bag

    In summer when I just want to keep a toolkit or sandwiches I use the Rhinowalk bags, cheap from Amazon, not particularly attractive but do the job and are waterproof. I hate panniers so I have a soft rackless Mosko setup, which takes 5 minutes to attach. Can't find any pics of it on the Tiger but this was last night (fits fine on the Tiger), unfortunately not cheap  :015:
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    Re: Advice for new owner on accessories for 2018 1050 Sport
    Reply #2 on: 26 May, 2023, 06:35:48 pm
    26 May, 2023, 06:35:48 pm
    I have some suggestions  :008: see my signature below
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