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    Forum donation - Sale items
    on: 23 May, 2023, 12:03:49 am
    23 May, 2023, 12:03:49 am
    I have some items that I'd be willing to sell if the proceeds go to the forum. Shipping would be recoverable to me, payment direct to the forum. If there is interest, I'll post images, but don't want to waste anyone's time if it's a dead end. Everything I offer will be good-as-new.

    Signal Minder kit - unused. It'll work as an electronic flasher. Has MANY additional features!
    OEM rear shock - as new. Preload collar is good on many other shocks. If you sell your Ohlins shock or trade, you'll need it!
    Shock spacers, trim rings, from Traxxion Dynamics (suspension guys in Woodstock, GA).
    PaulVFR Billet Adjuster knob for OEM shock. This is a one-off, complete billet item, his pilot project. Beautiful! I expect a good price or I'll keep it as a 10mm tool.
    OEM levers - as new. Think restoration, we may never get them again.
    Shorty lever set - as new, unbranded but perfect quality, used (briefly) and replaced by Triumph units from Hamlin
    OEM S/S muffler slip-on section. Shipping an issue. Going to be hard to find in the future.
    OEM Hand guards, Triumph brand, missing only the bar-end inserts as I am using them for my setup.
    OEM tailight smoke finish, as new.
    Rear passenger grab handles, replaced on purchase with luggage version. As new. Most OEM bolts and nuts included.
    Orange pannier insert. I should keep it as I have three boxes, but if you need it....?
    Full service kit - air filter, upper cam cover gasket and related stuff, plugs, etc. My bike is at 10k since 2009. I'll never use it!

    Full set of immaculate OEM indicators. I recently bought a single lens just to be able to make this statement. They are all as-new, essentially unused. Two extra stand-off supports included. I'll donate half the proceeds as it has cost me cash. Or, make a big donation, and I'll come to the party.

    Quo Vadis?
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    Re: Forum donation - Sale items
    Reply #1 on: 23 May, 2023, 01:51:48 pm
    23 May, 2023, 01:51:48 pm
    This sounds like a great way to support the forum, and per your other post, I believe the intent was to do it in Indy Tiger's memory. 

    I'll offer everything I have left from my Tiger, which is currently listed in a for sale post here in the forum.  This includes a factory service manual, a Clymer's service manual, and a set of nice OEM Triumph pannier bags/liners.  Wish I had more.

    The terms sound good to me.  Thanks for proposing this!! 
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