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    2016 Tiger sport Indicator issue
    on: 15 March, 2023, 03:08:09 pm
    15 March, 2023, 03:08:09 pm
    Bit of a long post.
    Having issues with my 2016 TS the RHS indicator has stopped working, indicator bulbs all ok. when you push the switch to the right you get a quick one off blink of the indicator dash light then nothing, same goes if you press the hazard lights a brief light in dash (but the LHS indicators also briefly flash the once)
    So far check the indicators by swapping sides and they work on LHS. Tried checking for continuity to the frame and battery from the black wire, on all for corners its all good.
    LHS with indicators on getting 12.6vdc (on/off) on front(G/R wire) and rear (G wire)
    RHS with indicator switched over to RHS 0VDC
    RHS with indicator switched over and held to RHS I get 9.6VDC on front (G/W wire) and rear (blue wire)
    I have bought a 2nd hand switch off a 2016 TS and when fitted get same results.
    I am at a loss now, I now these are controlled through the ECU. the indicator switches are made up of 3 micro switches with red power cable and looks like they go to ground when you select direct or cancel. I assume the ECU detects these input then sends voltage to the indicator. My next thought is to get to the ECU and see if a can ID the Green/ white and blue wire and check for continuity.

    Anyone had similar issues? Anyone got any ideas before I have to give in and take her to the dealers and hand over my wallet, liver and kidney.
    Just noticed in the Haynes manual for up to 2015 the indicators don't seem to go to the ECU but to the dash, can anyone confirm this is case for the 2016 >
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