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    Handy diy helmet chain
    on: 16 September, 2022, 10:01:01 am
    16 September, 2022, 10:01:01 am

    Today I did another small modification to my Tiger sport, that allows me to simply "chain" my helmet or helmets to the bike, without the hassle of having to use another lock key or dialing a combinationlock.

    Remember my topic  "creating space by using LFP battery",42846.0.html.
    I have found a useful use for this space that I created.

    Pictures explain what I did:

    I fixed the chain to the chassis on one side. If you don't have those panierbrackets, the M8 holes are still there, so it should be possible.
    The other M8 bolt is replaced by a M8 stud and washer+nut.

    The idea is to simply place the opposite chainlink over the stud. Once the saddle is locked in place, you are not able to remove the chain from that stud.

    Lock the saddle in place and your helmet(s) are chained to the bike.

    Of course , you will need the place to store the chain, that is created by using a LFP battery

    Some remarks : The saddle can be a hassle to replace, but to do and undo the chain, I only have to lift the saddle in the back, so that is pretty easy and quick.

    And yes , they can still puke and piss and.... in your helmets, but to prevent that , the only way is putting it in a pannier or taking it with you.
    Also a chain can be cut easily, but again locks and chains are just there to discourage an all to easy steal.
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