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Fork suspension
on: 02 August, 2022, 10:15:15 PM
Hi Guys, hope you all having a decent season.
Once again, all advice greatfully recieved.
I have a suspicion my suspension could be better.
I have never had to adjust any preload or damping
On a bike before and would like to know how to do this on my 2007 1050.
I see there are two adjustments on the front, big blue nuts and finer screw adjusters.
Can you please advise me what position ( in simple terms) these should be ideally at and how to adjust.
I ride on very good roads without luggage or pillion passenger.  I would prefer a soft suspension over that required for sporty riding.
Also the rear as well if you can manage it.
Incidently i have been riding for 30 years, but more slowly since a bad industrial accident. A bloke yesterday said very cheekly to me if i only rode on straight roads because of the wear up the middle of my tyres. He inferred i dont bamk my bike over a lot to wear the side walls of my tyres. Should i be worried, i dont ride very fast and bank the bike over at speed at my age anymore.