Author Topic: Unrealistic small print on bike insurance policy  (Read 820 times)

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Unrealistic small print on bike insurance policy
on: 24 May, 2022, 09:37:20 AM
This about UK bike insurance - hope the right place.

I've been with BeMoto (insurance brokers) for a couple of years, on their Titanium policy, which is pretty good. But this year with a move to a northern city centre location they wanted to charge me an extra 1K insurance premium. I know the bikes are not in a garage, but they are behind a steel shutter in a private back yard, off a brightly lit back street, so it must just be the big city centre additional premium. In the end I got it down, but only by borrowing a builder's massive drill, drilling into 2.5 inches of concrete and fitting a huge commercial ground anchor.

What gets me now is that if I have go out on the bike and want to pop back to the house because I've forgotten something, the theft insurance isn't valid within 1/2 mile of home unless the bike is chained to the ground anchor! So if I leave it out the front for 5 minutes and it gets stolen in that time, it's uninsured. This is AGEAS - what a load of crap. Next year I'll be shopping around for a more realistic policy.


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Re: Unrealistic small print on bike insurance policy
Reply #1 on: 24 May, 2022, 10:13:21 AM
My insurance has a similar thing, but it's based on my bike being garaged. The slight difference is that I'm not covered if the bike is stolen from outside my house after a certain time at night. They do allow (supposedly) a common sense approach to cover me getting home and giving some undefined amount of time to get the bike put away in the garage.
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Re: Unrealistic small print on bike insurance policy
Reply #2 on: 24 May, 2022, 11:10:44 AM
Mine has a similar clause about being inside the garage, with the door locked. And not covered unless I use the steering lock or if I leave the keys in the garage.
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