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Re: Perfect autumn day
Reply #10 on: 30 September, 2021, 12:25:54 PM
*Originally Posted by Paul2bikes [+]
I didn't notice any difference in running of the TS on that E10, prefer to avoid it for a while to see if others get any prob's. Now home with an empty tank & local fuel stations empty, we don't know how much of an issue the talk of ethanol absorbing water in a low tank is, or is it just scaremongering bs. The US & France have had E10 for a long time, if water in tanks was an issue, surely, we'd have heard.

My '95 Serow doesn't like E10 or 95, when there's not much power to start with, a little lost seems a lot.

Carbed bikes is another matter, and yes, if your laying bikes up for a while it could be an issue
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