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Bubbling Coatings



Hi all.

I have a 2011 1050 and wondered if anyone had any bright ideas for patching up the coating on the engine casings where water has managed to infiltrate and cause bubbling ?
I'm not sure if the black coating is powder or just a type of paint but clearly it is impractical to remove covers to sort out the problem so I need to be able to treat in situ, it is also a problem on the aluminium rear suspension swingarm in my case, which is a weird grey colour.

Thanks if you have any ideas.

Without out going to a lot of trouble it isn't easy to do a good job.  :191:

I cleaned the areas om my engine, gave the area a good rub with some wire wool and masked of anything I didn't want to get black paint on then just sprayed away with black engine paint..  :164:

Not the best job but stand back a few feet and it looks a lot better than the blebs and missing engine paint that was there or more to the point, not there. Can't imagine it will last more than a couple of seasons though..  :084:


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