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Re: Waterproof gear
Reply #20 on: 20 September, 2021, 12:05:32 PM
*Originally Posted by Dusty ST [+]
I bought a laminated (not Goretex) Richa suit just before going to Wales a week or two ago, we had pretty mixed weather, so 25deg plus for 5 days and heavy rain for the ride home.
I'm very pleased with it on the whole, the jacket is the best fit I've ever had (the collar is usually too tight for me) overall length and length of arms is spot on.
Not so happy with the Colorado 2 Pro trousers which are supposed to go with the jacket, as sitting on the bike, I end up with a diagonal crease across the top of my thighs which flaps a bit at speed and on the wet day had small puddles of water sitting in them, the jacket remained dry, apart from the ends of the sleeves (short gloves, more below).
There was a slight dampness in the trouser crotch - I think the Tiger aerodynamics don't help as I can see water leaving the top of the screen, arcing towards me, and landing directly in my crotch area.  :033:
Negative points on the jacket are the vents don't open through the waterproof layer, in fact I'm not sure what they actually vent to, so a little warm when the suns out, the pockets are quite small, and the zip out warm liner is rubbish, which is OK as
I never use a jacket liner.
This jacket, sort of matches the grey/red stripe of the Tiger:

Biggest disappointment was my Rukka laminated Goretex shorty gloves, 3 or 4 years old but seen very little use as I only pack them when going away as a waterproof glove, they leaked badly, and have quite a big lump of hard armour right where you'd want to do up the jacket cuffs.

I did try that jacket on, can't remember what it was I didn't like about it, tried on so many jackets I don't recall which had which problem..

I do know that the down side to the laminated type jacket I have ordered, is if it turns really warm when you're out.. the upside is when you open the vents they open through to you body which means it's critical that you check the quality of the zips used. From reading and watching reviews on the Halversson Jacket they do use the best available waterproof zip.. I hope.. :006: :001: