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Re: Newbie Questions
Reply #30 on: 21 August, 2021, 03:37:39 PM
The package from Komy included two relays. One for auto dimming setting that I adjusted for the 30% one time then never touched it again, and the other to relay set to switch between high and low triggered off the high beam power line. It also includes a on/off switch for the handlebars.

I mounted the lights on a cut-down SW Motech light bracket that another forum member sent me, but they could easily be mounted to engine bars or some other way.

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Re: Newbie Questions
Reply #31 on: 22 August, 2021, 01:28:56 AM
I applied heat to the bolt head with a soldering gun. The already loose insert fell out with little damage to the surrounding area ("male plug" that slides in the grommet).
The insert is epoxied back in place.
I'm concerned about hanging a couple one pound led lights on a bracket with those inserts holding it together. Well see.