Author Topic: For Sale 2008 Tiger 1050 Sprag Clutch Kit & T1310605 Starter  (Read 389 times)

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I recently spent some time investigating the hot no start problem on the Tiger and conducted some experiments on a second hand starter motor that was kindly supplied to me by a forum member. Part of my experiments involved removing the OEM cables from my bike but when I reinstalled them, I couldn't get the bike to crank properly. In hindsight I suspect this was due to a loose or dirty connection since removing and reinstalling the cables was all I did and the bike has never given a moment's trouble in 14000+ miles but . . . I panicked and ordered a sprag upgrade kit from WOT,  complete with new engine covers and starter motor. In the meantime, the bike fired up fine and was working OK but I decided to go ahead anyway and install the new starter and upgraded sprag.
As my bike is now using current parts, it seems daft to sit on spares which can be better used by someone else and so save them the 600 expense of upgrading in the event of a sprag failure.
In hindsight, I'm doubting the merit of having upgraded as all the parts are immaculate and show no signs of wear, just a few witness marks on the starter motor splines but everything else is as new. The starter motor I am selling is my original which has never had hot start issues on my own bike. I am happy to sell together with the sprag kit or separately.
I'm looking for 100 for the sprag kit and 85 for the starter motor plus postage costs of your choice. I will offer on here before sticking the stuff on eBay.
The Sprag kit includes all the parts which were replaced in the upgrade, including both the old engine and starter motor covers. The gasket for the starter motor cover came away cleanly and as it is not holding back an oil bath, could be easily reused. The main crankcase cover gasket broke up and a replacement is the only part that would be needed  if the buyer bothers to replace the cover, which is not necessary when replacing with an identical sprag