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Fitted LED Auxiliary Driving Lights
on: 17 July, 2020, 05:04:02 AM
FWIW - I just fitted a set of LED lights to my Tiger 1050 - only 13 years after I wished the stock lights were better.  When I looked around - it seemed like there was stuff readily available on Amazon for $25-$75 and then a big gap until the really spendy stuff at $400-$600.  I doubted the quality/longevity of the former and considered the latter beyond my pocket.  Anyway, after a bit more searching, I bought a set of Model 55's with harness from ADV Monster (out of Florida) - they gave me a good price with discount after I enquired about an end of line item which turned out to be sold out.  I also bought an optional dimmer kit.

The lights come with a nicely made harness - it has main power leads to go to the battery or a power block and a relay with a trigger wire with a posi-lock.  I attached that to the dip beam wire coming out of the starter relay adjacent the battery - that way the lights come on with the ignition but cut off when cranking.  Because I'd specified the dimmer option - the other end of the harness had only one connector that would connect to the dimmer control - I ran that up the inside of the left hand spar and around the front to the mainbeam side (it's a long harness and so it was easier to absorb the length that way).

I mounted the lights to the SW-Motech engine bars I already had fitted.  I bought some generic mounting brackets on Amazon for $18 -

The dimmer has a connector for power from the main harness and obviously the two connectors for the lights.  It also has a trigger wire which is intended to break into the main beam wire using another posi-lock. That went on the wire inside the dustcover but I inserted a bullet connector in the trigger wire so that I can disconnect without having to dig inside the headlight.

They intend the dimmer to be surface mounted on a suitable panel so it has a sticky mount on the back. But I wanted it to be a bit neater so I mounted the dimmer on the inside of the right hand cowling panel and drilled a hole for the  shank to stick through and the knob goes on that.  i just used more sticky mounts to attach it on the inside.

So - the dimmer controls the intensity of the lights but the main beam trigger wire means that if I switch on main beam or flash someone - the LED lights come on full strength.

Lights plus dimmer plus brackets - almost exactly $200 and I consider the fit and finish to be good.  I'm no expert on LED lighting but I'm happy with the improvement.


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Re: Fitted LED Auxiliary Driving Lights
Reply #1 on: 15 August, 2020, 12:52:16 PM
Lights look awesome, that's how I am looking to do mine. Can I ask you about your other mods?
Windshield? & exhaust?