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What type of alarm system is fitted

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Hi folks
Quick question just bought a 2017 tiger sport and insurance is due in a couple of days, and what i need to know is what type of alarm system is fitted to these bikes .on turning of my bike a  i red light comes on in the dash and flashes occasionally, so any idea the exact model as the insurance form offers multiple choices  .ps the bike is data tagged and i can transfer registration to my self for 15, question again is it worth it as in will i save more on my insurance with it and do folk rate the data tag  system ie is it worth the bother cheers

I pick factory fitted immobiliser and mine is Datatagged too

...and shop around, savings to be had even between the compare sites.
I think Go Compare are looking cheapest this year, last year it was Confused.com for me

Most TS's were Datatagged at the Dealer, but you'll need the paperwork to send off to get owner changed. Yeah, flashing light is purely to say Immobiliser is active and turns off after several hours or a day? Cant remember exact

Flashing light is the immobiliser, you may not have an alarm at all. If you did, you'd have an extra key fob (Triumph or other).

Datatag transfer update well worth it I think. As long as people keep up their datatag info, it helps keep thefts of these bikes down. If you talk to the guys at a show, it's amazing what is datatagged around the world (e.g. some very expensive tractors and their parts).


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