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Re: White Plug
« Reply #10 on: 15 December, 2019, 08:47:17 AM »
*Originally Posted by Dusty ST [+]
So potentially all the stuff on OBD2?
I guess if you know which pins are connected to what you could hard wire a BT OBD2 dongle?

Why would you want to? ... You can already plug a Bluetooth OBD2 dongle into the existing diagnostic port under the seat and do that 🤔
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Re: White Plug
« Reply #11 on: 15 December, 2019, 10:31:28 AM »
*Originally Posted by Paullie [+]
But i don't know anyone who's tried that and had it work in practice ... ?
Well now that you mention it...
I once connected my Sprint to an Android app (Torque Pro possibly) and recorded the ECU data. AT the end of the ride it overlaid this on my route (using Google maps) and created a video. It was actually pretty cool. IIRC you could also include video footage from the phone cam - not sure about an external camera.

I chose not to publish it because I was using the ECU logs together with the GPS logs to <coff> calibrate my speedo  :745:
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