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Re: Back in the game after 30 years
« Reply #10 on: 09 July, 2019, 10:32:32 AM »
 :401:, good find.

Chain guard is easy enough but it is part of the hugger. I removed and replaced mine with the wheel on - but IIIRC I said if I ever do it again the wheel comes off first  :001:

You need to undo everything numbered 2

Removing and replacing wheel is a doddle with the SSA. The caliper however can be a PITA and it a proper muck magnet. No need to remove the caliper to get the wheel off but if you are going to be in that area  :164:
Errr on second thought get a decent spray on rinse off chain cleaner and get out and ride. Plenty of time for the caliper over winter (as long as the brakes work ok).
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Re: Back in the game after 30 years
« Reply #11 on: 09 July, 2019, 11:00:55 AM »
+1 with SG. This is the weather to be riding. Save the difficult maintenance jobs for winter! For chain cleaning, paraffin and an old dishwash brush the first time - after that you'll keep it cleaner with a scottoiler or regular spraying .....  :001: If you want to take that wheel off, be aware that it's a torque level of something like 150 Nm, so you'll need good spanners and a strong back (I give it to the dealer).

I see you have a late 14 model - blue pinstripe rather than red. Best overall colour of course!  :401:

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Re: Back in the game after 30 years
« Reply #12 on: 11 July, 2019, 11:28:25 AM »
Yeah it's those two screws high up behind the wheel I can't get to. I've ordered a centre stand, one of those Constands ones I read about on here so once that's fitted this weekend the wheel will come off which will give me chance to have a good inspection and clean of everything at that end of the bike.

New oil and filter are sitting ready to join in the fun, and I'm thinking about a gear position indicator (I keep going for 7th gear) and maybe some LED spotlights to fit to the engine bars. It's got a Puig Touring Screen but I've got the original and I'm going to try that for a few days to see if the buffeting around my head decreases.

Thanks again for the welcome, that and being waved/nodded at by fellow bikers again is really nice. Now I have a bike again I realise how much I've missed it.