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Re: Sorry I still don't get it
« Reply #10 on: 14 January, 2019, 03:32:00 PM »
*Originally Posted by Timbox [+]
I like the look of most of em, more the Scramblers though. If I could find a cheap enough Street Scrambler maybe, the 54 BHP can be liberated to 70 odd quite easily apparently.

The 2019 model 900 Scram is now 64bhp the max torque is same 80Nm but now at a few hundred rpm higher. Can't remember exact but sumert like, was 3200 now 3,800. Apparently it will now top 100mph.
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Re: Sorry I still don't get it
« Reply #11 on: 14 January, 2019, 03:33:23 PM »
*Originally Posted by Paullie [+]
I'm surprised you've worn out your head bearings already though SG. I know you ride all year round, but I'd have thought they'd last longer than what, 32K?
I agree. I never touched the bike while it was under warranty and left everything to the dealer. Because I know I ride all year every single time my instructions were: Make sure you do the calipers, suspension linkages, rear wheel bearing and head bearings because I ride all year. When I did the 30k service (myself) everything else looked good but the head bearings were bone dry. Service manual says check and adjust every 6k and check, adjust and lube every 12. There is no way they were greased at 24k. I suspect that they only ever adjusted them, and we know how shy the factory is about using grease. After I did them they were much better but still distinctly notchy so I thought it best to replace.

I have heard them say that the only do some things if asked (e.g. change fork oil) to keep the costs down. This may be one of those because just tightening them is a lot easier, but personally I would rather be asked! I have found a few other things that made me realise that a service book full of dealer stamps doesn't add up to a better maintained bike, mostly just niggles though. For example all 3 of my discs were at or below minimum spec - but no warnings at 24k. I'm happy now that I have checked everything myself. I did wonder if I should just have flogged it once it was out of warranty but everything is done now and she's ready for the next 30k.

 Will continue doing most of the maintenance myself but I know my limitations. Next planned trip to a mechanic will be the next valve check.
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