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Re: '07 Speedo unit - 3 buttons not working.
« Reply #20 on: 19 November, 2018, 09:16:02 AM »
*Originally Posted by ZuluTiger [+]
Hey Snozz, a thought. If the buttons failed because of water ingress, it was likely through the rubber seals around the buttons. Maybe because of the flexing? This would be a good argument for wiring in the external 3-button mod using a handlebar mounted switch. Since I did this almost as soon as I got my bike, my buttons have seen virtually no use, hence no flexing, hence no failure? Since you are in this mode, why not do the mod? You just have to solder 4 wires to the board in parallel with the existing switches. I have a How To about this, I think. If not, I'll shoot you a full suite of pics if you give me an email address in a PM. It brings the problem to a place that no longer risks the gubbins of the odo. The handlebar switch is cheepazell and is a huge improvement on having to lean over and fiddle with the odo pod...

I think I saw your thread on the mod, I was tempted but thought I just want to get it working first.
I'm planning to take a look at a good deal on a new 1290 SAS this coming weekend, so If nothing comes of that and I keep the tiger I will certainly do this mod.