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I went in for my 20K KM maintenance this weekend and my dealer updated the ECU software to a newer version (I had *004 at the end, If I am not mistaken).
Totally forgot to ask the version number, but I'm sure somebody on the forum can tell me how to check that. As always, there was no information on what has changed specifically with this new version.

I also had a Scorpion Serket exhaust installed (baffle out) and another air filter (The MWR HE).

I already did the adaptation cycle and have taken it easy for the first few days, so the ECU can adapt.

My TS 17 seems to have a lot more grunt in the low to mid revs now, but doesn't feel any faster / more eager in the higher revs.

Since so many parts have changed, I have no idea what thas influenced this most, probably a combination of all these elements.

Whatever it is, I really like it: more sound, more thrust, more fun.  :037:

I have less of a tendancy to rev it higher, because the sound is enough at lower revs and the torque is more than sufficient, even in high gears.

I'll have my feelings checked with a dyno run in the near future, so I can give some more objective information (I had 116 HP at the rear wheel in a former run, with stock everything).

Doesn't solve my issues in Germany though, because the exhaust is not EURO 4, even with baffle in.

All the best,

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Re: New ECU update for TS 17 / Scorpion exhaust / MWR air filter
« Reply #1 on: 30 July, 2018, 11:09:29 AM »
Yes 20004 is the latest tune for the Tiger Sport. The ECU adapts for your mods, so you don't need to worry. I have found the bike bites a bit sharper, if you switch off the traction control, which in my view muffles, the performance somewhat. Honest truly, I found my highly modded and tuned 07/08 Tiger, more grunty, at lower revs. Nothing like s good a quality ride though. I think it is more that the technology takes some of the exhillaration away. The speed is certainly there, but it doesn't feel as good getting there.

Like most thimngs, we adapt and get used to them. May have to consider some mods  :169:

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