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Re: DIY v Bespoke from Hilltop Motorcycles
« Reply #30 on: 28 April, 2018, 10:19:50 AM »
Untuned , modified model performance figures are : 2013 version gives out 123bhp at 9400 rpm and 77ft-lb at 4300rpm whilst the latest 2016 onwards gives out 126bhp at 9475rpm and 78ft-lb at 7000 rpm.  Not much in way of bhp but significant difference in where max torque is dished out.

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Re: DIY v Bespoke from Hilltop Motorcycles
« Reply #31 on: 06 August, 2018, 10:48:55 AM »
*Originally Posted by seangee [+]
Are you going to put in the filter and take the baffle out before you go. (Don't forget the adaptation). Love to see the before and after for what you end up with.

I took mine in with my baffle in and the original air filter. Changed them the next day and the end result was massive - but I don't know how much is to do with HT and how much to do with getting more air through the system though.

Here is my before and after with baffle in and stock filter https://www.tiger1050.com/index.php/topic,38177.msg419497.html#msg419497

Hi Seangee,

you wondered what difference it would make without Hilltop mods if you just installed another exhaust and the MWR air filter. I did that recently and the low to mid revs seem to have a lot more response  and grunt. I'll get a dyno run to confirm that objectively pretty soon. I feel no real difference in the high revs, though.
The exhaust I had installed was a Scorpion Serket without baffle and the MWR HE air filter. I came from all OEM (exhaust and air filter) to start with.
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