Author Topic: Why burn alcohol in your engine  (Read 6442 times)

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Re: Why burn alcohol in your engine
Reply #10 on: 26 March, 2017, 04:03:45 AM
I'm with Indy on this topic.

Here in Aus we have e10 and e85 blends in addition to the normal blends (91, 95 and 98 octane). Early on in the piece there was reports of issues for some vehicles using ethanol blended fuel and after a big marketing campaign and mandatory advertising (on bowser/pump) of NON-blended fuels those instances have subsided. I purposely stay away from E10 because I've found the fuel consumption to be worse, and have also read majority of other reports indicating this as well.

Prior to manufacturing of Holden (GMH) going tits-up in this country they made an E85 sedan and wagon with an E85 V8 motor, plus the premiere racing category here also uses E85 fuel as standard (I believe). I also believe the majority of our ethanol comes from locally grown sugar.
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Re: Why burn alcohol in your engine
Reply #11 on: 19 August, 2017, 04:10:20 AM
I'm so glad.  They may have found a use for Tequila!
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