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Anywhere to secure a chain to on the 1050 (excluding wheels)?

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I use a concreted in ground anchor through the centre stand with both anchor & bike up against the wall so making it difficult to get in there with bolt cropper & awkward for an angle grinder. Or to remove the centre stand if they have the time. Couple of 8 alarm locks from Aldi just to make a noise. Garage is alarmed anorl. If they want it they'll get it, I heard of one where they cut the top off the garage door & hauled the bike over the top of a car.

Those rawl bolted ground anchors can be whipped out in a minute with a crowbar. Friend of mine had his GSXR1000 taken with h/d cover locked on, rawlbolted ground anchor & chain through wheel, they took the lot, no sign & nobody heard a thing.

trumpet tigger:

Originally Posted by Paul2bikes If they want it they'll get it, I heard of one where they cut the top off the garage door & hauled the bike over the top of a car.

I'd like to see that tried with the Tiger! They must have made a real mess of the car roof... Poor guy, as if getting your bike nicked ain't bad enough, you have a reminder every time you need your car till you can get that sorted too.


Heh, I've just been googling this very thing - Deciding my 18ish mm Oxford chain wasnt man enough, today took delivery of an Almax Immobiliser V - God damned the thing is heavy, and with the 2Kilo padlock its a LOT of weight to lug around... Well, the one time I'm actually going to carry it was enough, not exactly portable, but I bought it purely for home use.

BUT, my problem now is where to actually route the chain. The links are 22mm thick, with a link width of about 90mm, not exactly easy to route through the swingarm - Tonight, its just routed through the rear wheel, it was raining and I diddnt fancy trying to figure out a better location in the rain, however tomorrow plan on having a proper look-see... but honestly cant think where I'm going to route it.

I've a second anchor on the way shortly, Y-Anchor designed for the 22mm chains, and with some rebar I cant see anyone pulling that up easily... I'm just concerned the only place the chain will actually fit is through the rear wheel!

Will keep you posted

Yellow Dog:
Oh dear.... hadn't considered that issue.

Had just assumed that I could pull out the high powered .22, with silencer, and pick the perpetrators off one at a time, as they try and work out where the shots are coming from  :008:

I have a Triumph original D-Lock I guess I could secure to a ground mount  :187:

The problem is when we're not at home. Neighbours ignore alarms, don't want or too scared to do anything, can't even be arsed to phone plod, don't want to get involved. Doesn't help when you're the only biker on the road, others would look out for each other.

All we can do in those circumstances is make it as difficult & as noisy as possible. I have vibration alarms on the garage roof, this seems to be the favoured route for robbers to get into garages, sheds & even houses 'cos it doesn't set off alarms & all valuable are usually upstairs. The house alarm also runs to the garage doors.

Why is it a problem putting a chain thro' a wheel?
With a concreted in Y anchor close to the wall & the chain thro' the centre stand & wheel, I have to lie on the floor to lock/unlock. Can't get at it with bolt croppers strong enough to cut the chain.

As said, an angle grinder will only take a minute but makes a fair bit of noise. All my tools, (inc angle grinder) are in the garage with my bikes but they are locked up. Slow them down another minute.

The scrotes seem to know where to look for expensive toys, maybe they have lookouts eg paper lads & dog walking scouts, I see the latter non-locals walking past clocking every house they pass. Give um a looking at.


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