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Anywhere to secure a chain to on the 1050 (excluding wheels)?

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If a chain merely goes through a wheel then even with a ground anchor this can be problematic whats the best way to deal with this ? longer chain (downside is more leverage for a thief) or is there a point on the 1050 chassis where a chain can pass through? The chain I would be passing through is 16mm

what about thru the hole in the swingarm that the shock goes thru,

I think that hole is full of shocker  :084:

Originally Posted by mjgt I think that hole is full of shocker  :084:

there is space around it not sure how much

trumpet tigger:
Shocker hole would be a PITA, but anywhere else would not be really secure - forks, exhaust, luggage rack...
Most secure is through back wheel and over the seat if no anchor. I use a wall mounted anchor so chain is off the floor so helps protect against bolt cutters, but to be honest, if I was a bike thief I would use an 18v grinder with slitting disc - not a chain on the market would last a minute against that.



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