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    Re: Intermittent speed display
    Reply #10 on: 24 May, 2022, 01:12:09 pm
    24 May, 2022, 01:12:09 pm
    *Originally Posted by cheezum [+]
    It's an old post, I realise, but is there any progress on finding the issue?

    My Tiger 2009 SE got the same problem.
    After reconnecting the cable (on the backside of the panel) the display is functioning properly. However, the problem occurs again after a few rides. It happens at: a. turning on the ignition or b. when the Xenon light kicks in after 10 seconds (using a delayed relay).

    The weird part here is that when the motor is turned off and turned on again (the next day or so), the problem remains. I need to physically disconnect and reconnect the connector at the backside of the panel (or disconnect the battery).

    I did disassemble the dashboard to PCB level and resoldered some pads as they were terribly bad soldered, but the problem still remains.

    I have the feeling that the high voltage of the Xenon lights might interfere on the earth/ground of the motor, but thats difficult to measure.
    Does anyone know about a diagram of the PCB which is on the internet somewhere?

    If I recall correctly, my issue was corroded plug pins. Check that out and make sure they have a good firm connection.