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Re: Thumbs up to CalSci!
« Reply #20 on: 23 April, 2018, 10:31:56 PM »
Decided to update this thread with my story about trying the CalSci medium.  I think it is a very well made screen and the company is top notch when it comes to customer service.  However, the screen will not work for me.  I put it on the day it arrived, which was a nice and sunny no-wind day.  From 40mph on up I experienced a very low frequency drumming noise that was pretty loud.  Not deafening, mind you, but quite unacceptable.  Contacted the company and they suggested different seating heights to see what effect that had on the noise (perhaps the "shorty" would work better).  Decided that was a good idea and I would take it further.  I took a large heavy plastic garbage can, use the medium screen as a pattern and starting with the original shape/size of the medium screen, experimented to see what different shapes might work.  I wished I had done this from the start.  Bottom line though was that I still could not eliminate the noise no matter what different shape I tried (probably 8 different versions).  As others have mentioned, clean air is better than buffeting/noisy air.  I know that each bike/rider combo is different and someone else my height (5'8") might have a much better result.  I've decided at this point that I don't want to keep purchasing screens hoping that I'll stumble upon the right one - I don't have the funds for that.  So I'll just keep using my small cut-down stock screen.  I used it on the last trip I took and it wasn't horrible.  More bugs on the helmet and I'm sure I'll be much wetter in rain, but the clean air, while noisy, is consistently quieter than my experience with the CalSci or worse, the buffeting original screen.

If I was just touring, I'd probably be looking for a different bike because I'd be spending most of my time on the bike going 60+ mph for hours on end.  But I go on lots of day rides, ride to work, look for lonely twisty roads when I do tour, and the performance and handling of the bike is just too dang fun to let the windscreen issues ruin my day.
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Re: Thumbs up to CalSci!
« Reply #21 on: 29 March, 2020, 04:56:19 PM »
I'm 5'11" and The Calsci large +9" works well for me.  I can see over the top of the screen.  The screen has greatly reduced the wind noise and makes the bike a pleasure to ride. 

Also had great service from Calsci - the screen arrived in about 3 days after placing the order.