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Just want to put it out there I will be making another set of guards.

Please let me know if your interested.

Why buy mine.

Designed by a Tiger owner and forum member Silverfish.
The are the best looking guards out there. 
They are anodized black, then powder coated black. No one else takes these steps to make sure it holds up for the life of the bike.
Anodized color will fade, (black goes purple over time)
 Powder coating alone looks great until it's damaged. Moisture will cause oxidation and cause the powder coat to peel.
 Simple install, no modification of the bike. Use 3 stock mounting points. High quality stainless steel fasteners.

A portion of every guard sold is sent to the forum.
I will start selling them on eBay but not at the forum discount of $125 each. Plus shipping. 

 Glad to ship oversea's with no markup.


you cant go wrong with this gaurd,very nice product

Excellent product and it makes your bike look badass too!  :123:

Any pictures please indy  :164:

  Nothing recent. Hope these will do.


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