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International Reviews
« on: 27 February, 2012, 04:06:45 PM »
From the beginning of time man has had the need to travel, see new places, new countries, new cultures, and always has done onboard gadgets allow him to successfully face the challenges arising in the course of your business. Now, for the adventurous today, TriumphTiger presents the Explorer 1200, a model ready to travel to the end of the world!
With an aesthetic that follows an adventurous spirit on all sides, soon you realize all the work that Triumph has invested in this project, a meticulous quality and functionality to form a single team. Just look at the headlight protectors on plexiglass or ingenious system that allows the bags accompanying oscillate about five degrees so the angle of the bike .
Submitted to the 1200 Tiger Explorer surprised me with my 1.70 m tall, that bike that seemed inaccessible to me had become a comfortable saddle, which came quite close to the ground to be a maxitrail even triumph puts so at our disposal a seat 3 cm lower.
Our test unit available extras including a higher screen, grips and heated seats and a pair of 55w halogen lights that further enhance the already good perspective of the Explorer.
The morning dawned quite cold test in Granada. The typical dew mountain in this time of year the firm became the twisty road that took us to Highway across a very demanding test track for a bike that, again, was revealed to be very agile in spite its bulkiness. First impressions were very good!
We thank the handlebars really wide, equipped with a pineapple in addition to their regular duties, allow us to select the different options that gives the computer without removing the handle, allowing further manipulate the buttons with gloves on, something to be welcomed at this time of the morning, especially with the room temperature we had.
At the highway, I must confess that all are praise, as if it were a touring machine, engine, comfort and linear, it is more than enough to tackle long distances, and to show their personality traveler, just say that apart have a secondary transmission shaft drive, Hinkley engineers we announced that this Explorer will their reviews every 16,000 kms!Another novelty of the Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 is the addition of cruise control, which takes us through many miles at a constant speed. Its implementation is as simple as involuntary disconnection as to disable just touch the throttle as if cort?semos gas.
Leaving the main road network Granada, we went into a fun Triumph secondary network where it showed its most hidden. On paper it should not be your favorite spot, but this trail has such a chameleon capable of making you go well in any scenario. I will not tell you anything that you do not know if I tell you prefer long, fast corners to slow and shut, but to draw the latter simply adapt our driving style, building on its strengths as they are an excellent team with a brake ABS that works really well and may well delay our braking, taking into account the inertia generated by a 259 kg motorcycle declares in running order. Once drawn the curve, you can accelerate forcefully aware that traction control will provide security and grip.
Finally, as one would expect on a motorcycle of this kind, the Triumph staff had prepared a tour off-road . And is that taking into account the claims of this bike, we can not forget that only 5% of this planet is paved! It was a track without major complications, enough land to check on how for example, the angular forms of deposit are adapted perfectly to driving standing in the stirrups, giving us a control point on the Explorer, which is essential and grateful for off-piste.
Proven highway, winding road and on land, the final conclusion on this 1200 Triumph Tiger Explorer can not be other than to be with a great bike for anyone looking for a tireless companion of adventures, both for trips to the mountain to plan that dream we've all had at least once ... to circumnavigate the world by motorcycle.
I can not finish this test while writing one of the impressions I have felt since the first moment I saw the new Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200, and is, without doubt, the new flagship of Hinckley is seen as a direct attack the British Empire to German sovereignty in the segment. Will oust its hegemony?
Add that to the section of equipment optional, and to complete our Explorer 1200, we have a wide range of accessories, from bags orginal high quality, including the top box-up approved Arrow exhaust that will give us more power to we cut a few grams while the weight of our Explorer.
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Re: International Reviews
« Reply #1 on: 27 February, 2012, 10:14:54 PM »
Quote: "We thank the handlebars really wide, equipped with a pineapple in addition to their regular duties"
Apparently the Explorer can help with your five a day.  Triumph think of everything.
In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice.  In practice, there is.

Triumph Explorer

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Re: International Reviews
« Reply #2 on: 28 February, 2012, 12:38:22 AM »
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Re: International Reviews
« Reply #3 on: 28 February, 2012, 01:47:23 AM »
*Originally Posted by david roxburgh [+]
Quote: "We thank the handlebars really wide, equipped with a pineapple in addition to their regular duties"
Apparently the Explorer can help with your five a day.  Triumph think of everything.
  Good quote, WTF.. 

Bet he does not like the Tiger, no pinapple.   :007:
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