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on: 01 January, 2012, 03:15:19 PM
   Links below in Red. 

Manuals,,, all of them

My Tiger does ______, is that normal:

Problem: Flat battery only when hot. Cools down & it starts fine..  Thanks Freddy and Paul
Hot Start Solution for Tiger 1050 Thanks Javaman

oil leak out of tube below chain?
Shiny line on chain - Normal?
Low Load 'Chuntering'  
Low speed throttle issue    
Fuel guage reset after starting
Clunk noise when moving off, only when bike is cold. 
Should the back wheel spin?

Seriously READ THIS

So you bought a used Tiger. Things you NEED TO DO NOW.   

Tiger 1050 07-12 non ABS Wiring Diagram  Not much different than the ABS version.

Documentation, Manuals, etc:

Service manual downloads, service service schedule, ETC.
Maintenance/Service intervals. 
Torque values from service manual

Parts lookup:

Tiger Parts Listing and Lookup
Bike bandit   Part numbers are Bike Bandit numbers NOT triumph part numbers.
Triumph part numbers and ordering USA
Hermy's USA All models up to 2014 (Triumph P/N's)
Cross Country Cycle      USA


NGK CR8EK vs. CR9EK... What's the deal?


Won't rev above 5k Fuel tank service

Head stock Tool T3880023 Loaner thread.

500 mile service cost
6000 Mile Service Pricing?
TPS reset and or replacement. 
Maintenance   Tips
Cam Chain Tensioner SPRING Instead of replacing Cam Chain Tensioner ASSY.
T3600188 o-ring  Part for wet coil sticks
Throttle bodies badly out of sync  Adjusting Throttle bodies questions
Video done on a Sprint 1050, same as Tiger 1050:


Valve check and shim replacement video  Thanks trumpet tigger

Shims Thanks Freddy
Triumph Universal Valve Shim CalculatorOff Site Link HOW TO
To Shim or not to shim Valve shim thread. Thanks trumpet tigger

Maintenance Questions:

Gearchange linkage coming apart ! 
Top yoke nut loose
Rear Wheel Assy (proper spacer orientation) 


Starting problem solved
Fuel guage reset after starting It's in the sticky twice for a reason.
What's a good battery
Motobatt MBYZ16H On the sport, might work on older 1050 (not confirmed)

It's broke what DO I DO NOW:

Seat Removal Problem 
Cracked the sump, now what With part numbers

Spark Plugs:

How to spot FAKE NGK spark plugs. Thanks to Pup
enthusiasm over intelligence !! OR what socket to use replacing plugs

Things to look for buying a new Tiger. (or check during normal service to prevent future problems):

Clutch cable wearing radiator problem


Check ya sump bolts.
Valve shims, what to use IF you ever need to adjust   
Cam Ladder oil seals (for oil on spark plugs)
Header Temps

Wheels, etc:

ALT source for Wheel bearings Original 1050   Good Job holycannoli
I need the exact parameters of both front and back wheel bearings   
Should the back wheel spin?

Transmission, Clutch, Linkage:

Gear Linkage Refurb
Gear shift linkage: ball joints.
Stiff shifting Updated clutch with part number
HAMLIN's clutch soak If you find a better link please PM me.

Gas tank, Fueling:

Gas tank lock cylinder //\\ Keep them Lubed!!!
Be careful taking the fuel line off - a cautionary tale
Fuel pump and filterAlso have alternate fuel filter


Can't set the time
How to waterproof the instrument cluster i.e. Gauges
Display of death
Fuel guage reset after starting
How To: Add Remote Scroll-Button Mod (& more)


Headlight fairing fix 

Fork Seals:

Fork Seal Replacement  Install and aftermarket seals. Thanks Carey.
Fork seals Thanks Carey


What tools to take   
Front wheel tool.


The Whole painful story This started the clean side of the air box discussion.
That hole in clean side of airbox

Coolant and cooling system:

Draining & Flushing Coolant
Radiator Cap - Symptoms
Change your Thermostat ASAP Aftermarket T-stat replacment option. Thanks to Tigerdon1050 for testing


best type of chain lube
Dupont Teflon Chain-Saver
Lube the chain correctly.
Chain Oiling Intervals


Bypassing Clutch switch  
How to remove clutch switch
Sticky clutch  
Clutch switch pics
Clutch Switch Pictures   
Clutch cable-OEM?


Come one, come all and discuss and pontificate about OIL
Oil Advice and Recommendations
Oil filter cross reference list.  See reply 1.  Thanks Indy.
Oil FILTER reviews Tiger explorer forum.
Engine Oil, What to Use

Nut and bolts:

Reading Fastener Types/Labels


EBC Front brake rotors
Brake Fluid question
Bleeding brakes with ABS
Reverse bleeding brakes
Different brake pads for the sport?
Rear brakes
ABS Light

Adding ABS to your Tiger 1050:

Can we add abs to a non abs bike. We shall find out.
How to retrofit ABS to a non ABS tigger
What NOT to do, or things to watch out for servicing your Tiger:

Rear wheel fugup, or watch the rear brake line
Clutch cable wearing radiator problem    Yes duplicate link from above.



Camshaft's, Changing for performace
Turbo for the Tiger

Triumph Stickers for the bike:

Tiger 1050 07-2010
Triumph Tiger 1050 logo

Dealer section.  (member suggestions on who to visit and avoid)

Triumph Dealers member recommendations:


Good reference resources:

All You Ever Needed to Know About Glues and Sealants.

Always looking for additions and corrections please send Indytiger1050 a PM