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Observations and Questions about TuneECU
« on: 21 October, 2011, 01:30:29 AM »
I downloaded a map tonight, my second download.  It didn't go as easy as the first time.  Took maybe 30 minutes vs 5.    :008:  I got a "can not read ECU" error message about halfway thru.  I also noticed the red charging light was on my Battery Tender.  Although I pulled the fuse for the headlights, I must have bumped the on switch for my grip heaters.  I tuned off the grip heaters and let the battery recharge and started over.

Will a low battery condition cause loss of communication between the ECU and TuneECU? 

After the tune was downloaded, I tried to reset the TPS.  After the off/on/off sequence of the ignition switch, I hit reset TPS ( actually Reset Adaption), I was prompted, Do I want to reset the TPS?, I clicked yes.  In a few seconds, it said TPS reset done, but when I moved the cursor over the TPS light at the bottom of the screen, it said TPS was not adapted.  After running a few minutes,the TPS light was green.  I don't remember this from the last reload.

Is it normal to recieve the "TPS has reset" message before it actually resets?

Last question.  When I watched the YouTube video by Markjrobbins, he showed under the Test tab of TuneECU, that clicking the cooloing fan button, it will cycle the fan.  When I tried this, I got a message "This test not supported".  My copy of TuneECU is version 1.9.9  My understanding this is the latest version.

Did some of the test features disappear from the later versions of TuneECU?

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Re: Observations and Questions about TuneECU
« Reply #1 on: 21 October, 2011, 03:57:35 AM »
Regarding the low battery condition, I wouldn't be surprised as the ECU doesn't like low voltage and all sorts of strange things happen when the voltage gets too low  :087:.

As for the other questions, I'll let others answer who may have experienced those issues, as I haven't noticed/tried them myself.
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