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I like these...

I have to give you some slack JaKs, since your stuck with those guards.

Someone else has the rights for your neck of the woods.

 That guard sure does have bling. 

If someone wants a Silverfish guard, any color custom order will be taken.
  Until then they come with a High gloss black powder coat to blend in with the radiator.



In case you hadn't noticed this thread is in the "Products and Services from Site Sponsors' section - and entitled "IndyTiger1050 Radiator Guards".

Please keep the discussion ON TOPIC i.e., about the guards on offer!

Hi Indy

I also noticed in the photo that the rad/oil guard screws /bolts to the rad and there are no ties used, most of the ones on flebay use cable ties to attach, obviously not as tidy as yours ,i will be swopping mine in the new year, do you post to the UK?



I just installed the guard from Indy on my bike last night. It is a simple install, IMO. Bolted right on and looks good too!  As mentioned, no ties and no need to remove parts for the install.


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