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Links are in RED

NEW Sport Model threads. May or may not be same as the older 1050 model.

Tiger Sport micro-relays – a quick guide (yrs 2013-15 only)

Bike not starting, alarm / warning light on    Well done Harry.

Ignition switch wiring failure    Great solution and fix Rexani.
PRE- Sport 1050 threads.
Tiger 1050 07-12 non ABS Wiring Diagram   Not much different than the ABS version.

GPS Connector Install W/Pics

Display of death
How to waterproof the instrument cluster i.e. Gauges
How To: Add Remote Scroll-Button Mod (& more)
How to repair Instrument cluster

Battery's. Stock, replacement, issues   

Alternator Output

Alternator output  Tiger has a 34 amp alternator  
Alternator output 480W  


Series regulator to replace our failing parallel regulators
Mosfet RR
Regulator/Rectifier replacing with a MOSFET R/R


HOW TO Test Your Charging System
Turn Signals
Problem Starting Good trouble shooting PDF included for download  (Courtesy of roughneckin )
Stator, Regulator, Rectifier and Battery..  Stator replacement "With SW MOTECH bars installed."
Lighting Upgrades.

How to add 2 x H4's, relays and a switch  Thanks to ZuluTiger (replacing stock H7 and H9 to H4's)
Great price on HID lights DDM
 Double Bi-Xenon headlight conversion Mod by T-Lens
Fitting Morimoto bi-Xenon Mini H1 HID projectors Mod by bigrog
All you ever wanted to know about HID's (or how to fix the poor beam pattern) Not for the faint of heart.
Bi-Xenon light install With pictures, good HOW TO.

Tiger Sport/Tiger Head Lights                     
DIY instructions for Tiger Sport headlight upgrade   Hosted offsite, done by PacificCoast.   Nice job

Headlight switch idea's and modifications

Switchless headlight Switch  Great work StPeter

Komy's Led's   Great price's and performance.
Link to Komy's New web site Lights  Thank for the link, mv05exy

Email Address
  Lens Protectors for your Komy Lights

How to threads

Installation of a GiPro gear indicator + accessory plug

No Tool Dip beam adjuster

The Switch Eliminator   Nice find, rrg
Regulator/Rectifier replacing with a MOSFET R/R   

How to: Electrical Distribution Block/Relay


Harness suppliers.

 Eastern Beaver   FH012/010 Complete Kits.  You need Part A and B.

Electronic Cruise Control
Audiovox vac cruise control

Member Discussion

Audiovox cruise control issues...   

Rostra Cruise Control on 2007 Tiger    HOW TO

Member discussion

Electronic cruise control
Summit Racing       Switch kit.$41.95

Cruise Control, Universal, Electronic, Kit
Summit Racing Rostra Global Cruise Control Kits

McCruise Cruise control 
Member Discussion
Tiger Specific Electronic Cruise Control

Manual or Friction Throttle locks

Kaoko throttle lock

 Member Discussion
Kaoko Cruise Control question...

   Member Discussion
ThrottleMeister Throttle Lock

Aerostich Vista Throttle Lock 
Member Discussion
Throttle Lock / Cruise Control

Vista Cruise Control

You name it.
Electronic cruise

Re-opening old wounds...Electronic cruise control

Poor Man's cruise control

Friction cruise control - a down-and-dirty version 2
Heated grips & cruise control
Throttle Lock / Cruise Control
Fatbar - handguards - cruise control

Find something that would help out fellow members, or think should be listed  send Indytiger1050 a PM  Report dead links.  Please.

Errant posts may be deleted.

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Re: Electrical System, Lighting Upgrades, Cruise controls.
Reply #1 on: 10 May, 2013, 11:26:28 AM
  Updated, new web site for Komy.

Thanks for the heads up  mv05exy  :031:


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Tiger 1050 Instrument Cluster connector pins - list of
Reply #2 on: 05 August, 2017, 12:18:38 AM
T1050 Instrument Cluster connector - guide to the pins - see attached .docx file.

Also shown as image file below.