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1Gather Materials
Get a computer, cable, and the TuneECU program. Try,, and respectively. You'll need a safe place to put the computer in reach of the OBD connector under the seat. And light, you'll need light.
 Views: 1325
Posted by day7a1
Sep 23, 2014
in day7a1
Ok. Hit connect. The neutral light is on, right? Good. It will connect.
 Views: 1304
Posted by day7a1
Sep 23, 2014
in day7a1
See that green rectangle in the corner? In this picture it is just sitting there. Don't let that fool you. I had to take 5 pics to get the green light to show because it is flashing a lot. First red, then green once it is connected. Once you see this light, you're good to go.
 Views: 1273
Posted by day7a1
Sep 23, 2014
in day7a1
I also highly suggest you put the bike in neutral and ensure the light is on. The light means you have everything in the easiest position to do the job, but it is not strictly necessary. It's just how I personally make sure I'm ready for the next step. Trust me on this one.
 Views: 1270
Posted by day7a1
Sep 23, 2014
in day7a1
Unplug your datalogger, and plug in the cable. Mine lights up.
 Views: 1263
Posted by day7a1
Sep 23, 2014
in day7a1

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 Views: 65
Posted by pcarnut
Nov 29, 2015
in pcarnut
IMG 2951
 Views: 77
Posted by bigchris2020
Oct 12, 2012
in bigchris202­0
Breather Route
 Views: 495
Posted by Qoob
Jun 11, 2013
in Qoob
2009 trip to USA, Accomodation ast Gardiner.
Our first night accomodation in Gardiner, just outside Yellowstone Park.
 Views: 133
Posted by tigerbrew
Sep 26, 2009
in tigerbrew
IMG 2948
 Views: 76
Posted by bigchris2020
Sep 29, 2012
in bigchris202­0

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